The Franciscan Challenge

I wonder if the 3 Kings were really Queens?

I know that in history and in the Scripture, the magi are often called magicians, or Kings, but in many ways, they really acted like Queens.

Kings were usually warriors and men who often held onto their power by using their power. These mysterious figures were much more subtle – they were powerful in their silent strength and hidden mystery – more like a woman. Kings often brutally went in to conquer and change lives – these people changed lives by their quiet behavior and kindly actions. They asked questions, listened, and then choose wisely – more a feminine approach than masculine. And finally, they knew the perfect gift to present to the Infant Jesus – not what he needed or wanted – but what he deserved.

Often a feminine perspective may produce a better gift choice. As Franciscan Friars, we don’t know the answer to the first question, but we do care about bringing the right gift to those who are in desperate need of food, clothing, medical attention, and simple care. We need your help to continue our help in bringing not just the gift of eating, being warm or of companionship – but more importantly the gift of life and dignity.

Help us bring them the gift they deserve. By donating to the Franciscan Challenge campaign, you can help fill our soup kitchens with supplies and our pantry shelves with food, clothing, diapers, and baby formula. Your generosity to the Franciscan Challenge Christmas campaign can make a difference between not having any food today and having a meal tomorrow.

You have the power to break the darkness of poverty and create a light for all those who come to our doors.
PLEASE DON’T LET THE LIGHT GO OUT! Help us now by donating today. It’s simple and tax-deductible. Thank you so much for your generosity. 


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